10 NoBrainers to Attract Local Customers

Building a loyal customer base locally can be a challenge on its own. While many businesses seek to go global, some stores may want to cater to a niche locality that could be the most favorable marketplace for their business.
There are several reasons to market locally. You may be a locally grown business catering to nearby customers, or an international franchise trying to draw in a local target audience.
Nonetheless, marketing your business in the local market requires an all-inclusive strategy that is a cohesive mixture of online and offline marketing techniques.

The following local marketing ideas are tried and tested, and can successfully bring attention to your business, regardless of the size of your operations:

1. Online advertising

Online advertising is imperative to your marketing strategy and includes:

Google ads

These paid advertisement tools can help you target customers within a certain radius in your business locality, ensuring that what they seek is available just a click away.

Call-only ads

If you do not have a website or a rampant social media page for your business, call-only ads are an effective tool to reach out to the local market. For these types of ads, do ensure that all the information of your business location and contact details are mentioned prominently, so anyone who searches for your business finds your ad click-worthy.

2. Online listing

Listing your brand on all relevant online directories that appear when your client searches for your service is a sure way to create brand awareness in a locality. In fact, people using Google for local search queries visit over 1.5 billion locations every month. Some of the most popular online listing sites include- Yelp, Google My Business, and Bing. These listings will enhance your reach to local customers who may be new in town, or to anyone looking for the kind of product or service you provide.

3. Social media advertising, contests, and influencer sponsorships

Social media is a powerful tool to elevate your marketing strategy to the next level. Advertising your brand on social media can not only generate customers, but it can also create brand awareness and recall, which are two significant factors in building consumer trust in the long term.
Conducting social media contests and activities helps you engage with your customers directly, helping you learn their likes, dislikes, and preferences, among other behavioral patterns. Hashtags are a crucial element to catapult your content up the feed and create a trendsetting statement in your locality.
Approaching social media influencers with a strong local follower base with sponsorships can also help you maximize your local customer base and reach.

4. Local SEO

Optimizing your websites and online content to rank yourself high in the search for your area can be an effective lead-generating strategy. Google insights from 2019 show that queries combining location sensitive keywords like “near me” with other buyer intent signals have seen a 200% jump in recent years. Among other digital marketing tools, analyzing site traffic and customers’ online behavioral patterns are vital to scaling your website high in the SERPs.

5. Website and app appraisal

A good interactive website is second to none in building brand awareness. Your business website must have an engaging landing page, must be easy to navigate, and most importantly – it needs to be mobile-friendly. If your business has an app, ensure that it is responsive with a suitable design and well-defined content structure.

6. Online Reviews

While attracting customers is key, an honest review of your product can increase conversion rates for your business. Encourage your customers to leave a review about your product or service online to facilitate a conversation with other potential customers and push them towards taking action.

7. Email marketing

Email remains one of the most effective tools to keep in touch with your customers and to keep them in the loop about the latest developments in your business. With emails, you can approach a large base of customers, provide them offers and maintain constant communication.

8. Vehicle advertising

Using your transport cabs and vehicles for advertising is another prominent local marketing strategy with many advantages. Your vehicle displays can be a memorable way for local customers to recall your brand name and contact details easily. It also serves as a floating advertisement to those who may not have come across your online advertising tactics yet.

9. Discounts and offers

Product discounts and seasonal offers are major points of customer attraction. It is imperative to study your locality, its people, and local culture to implement effective discounts and offers. Discounts can also be based on customer loyalty, wherein a regular customer of your product or service is given a discount depending on the number of purchases they have made with your business. This will encourage your customers to come back for more and also promote your business to others nearby.

10. Re-invent your brand

A complete revamp of your brand could work as an effective tool for drawing in local customers too! Rebranding your business with a new face, a new logo, or a new tagline can generate curiosity among the crowd you aim to target. Sometimes a fresh look is all you need to witness growth!

An effective marketing strategy for your business can not only attract customers but can also sustain your business and stand out among your competitors.

All you need to do is use the right blend of digital marketing and offline techniques to reach out to your desired customer base. Talk to our marketing expert to formulate a marketing plan for your business today!

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