6 Mind Blowing Social Media Success Stories to Inspire from

Case Study#1: Startup increases email opt-ins 37% by adding pages for local keywords

If we look back there and see the evolution of digital marketing, one thing that has contributed the most to the establishment of internet-based businesses is their email marketing efforts. Being one of the oldest methods of digital marketing, it is still as rewarding as always.

Even with social media, bots, apps, and all the other digital entities, the communication and trust instated with email bring in more customers and prospects. But unlike other digital marketing avenues, it is going to be super difficult for businesses to make people opt-in for the emails. Thus, email marketing is more tactical than any other digital marketing method as there is always a looming challenge of having a low open rate, low click rate, low opt-ins, etc.

But since nothing is impossible, we are bringing you an outstanding example of a company that increased its email opt-ins by 37% by adding pages for local keywords. Here is a case study on Air Guns Daddy.

Air Guns Daddy is a leading commission-based website that leverages the monetization opportunity through its content through affiliate marketing. The website reviews the different types of air-powered guns and their accessories. It has been doing SEO for the relevant direct keywords for years, and it has significantly placed them amongst the leaders.

However, if you are an internet-based business, you cannot just rely on one avenue to generate leads. Especially when it comes to affiliate marketing, the on-site traffic starts playing a huge role. This pushed the company to explore their other options, and hence they started doing email marketing.

They initiated a creative approach. In addition to SEO, they started to work on the keywords that can attract different types of people interested in air guns and started capitalizing on the indirect keywords too.

About their indirect approach towards keywords, Alex Davis, Co-founder Air Guns Daddy says, “Since the inception of our company, I have been concentrating on conventional SEO where I would optimize my site for directly related, commercial-intent keywords. I have never had the time to stop for a moment and start thinking outside the box; start to test other, more creative approaches. This is until we collectively decided, as a team, to invite outside consultants. This has been the smartest move we made because it helped us to gain a different perspective on how SEO can be done,”

The website featured blogs and articles on various types of air-powered guns. It was later hypothesized that the same person would buy the guns they are reading about. So, they started tapping the keywords that were based on local-based keywords. Such as, instead of using airsoft fields – they used airsoft fields in Houston, TX and other keywords that included location.

With a huge response on using the indirect keywords, the team created pages that were relevant to the location-based keywords using a simple tool called bulk page generator. Soon these pages started churning traffic, and they were each optimized for a particular location. Little effort each day and the pages started to appear in search results and soon in a few months that site had more than 3000 new users from the search engine each month.

The new users increased the site’s email opt-in rate by 37%, and the affiliate commission increased by 10%. This was remarkable, and the strategy soon caught the eyes of many marketers around the world.

Continuing the same strategy, today, they have more than 1000 pages based on the local keywords and are churning traffic and improving their email marketing tactics each day.


Case Study#2: Online hairstyle shop grows to $1.6 million in annual profits by leveraging YouTube

Back in 2009, twin brothers Emil and Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen launched their online Slikhaar shop in Denmark for selling hairstyling products. The sales were low initially, and that is not surprising as the business was very young. They had their first significant sale in three months, and they soon realized that the problem was not in their lead generation process rather, it was in conversion.

With deep research, they understood they were seen as just another brand in the market, and since they were a young company, people were unable to trust the brand. To experiment with their marketing, Rasmus created a video using his MacBook webcam and uploaded it on their YouTube channel Slikhaar TV. They got a lot of free views from YouTube at that time, and soon they started to see some international viewership and engagement.

This was the first step in the journey of Slikhaar TV, and today they have more than 350 million video views and 2.1 million subscribers. They were not able to see any significant change in their sales and brand engagement until 10 to 20 videos.

They had a very creative approach towards Youtube. They saw the platform for not just fun or advertising and marketing but were drawn towards the search engine-like qualities of the platform. They researched what type of videos in their segment are popular, and they leveraged every opportunity to do so. For quality content creation, they rented a store that became their hair salon and an office. They hired talented hairstylists and gave them roles in the videos. For the twins, content production became a priority.

With time content production evolved, and the audience became a part of their content creation process. They started an online community and discussed with their audience what subjects they like to see in their next video. This helped them develop their editorial plan. Feedback contributed to the refining of their content creation practices. Trending topics, quality of thumbnails improved during this phase. They utilized the data insights to gain crucial information such as click rate for each video and other details to analyze and experiment with their content.

 When they reached 100,000 subscribers, they started expanding their business. Also, the videos helped them increase the product demand in the market. Promotion of products, deals and soon they established good reseller deals with most brands. After nine months in the market, they had a big impact on the market. They saw a significant rise in their sales, and rather than earning commission on the sales of products by other brands; they completely shifted their sales focus to their own product.  With over 10+ hair styling products and seven hair tools, they launched their limited edition products too. It was a huge success on the Black Friday sales.

 Since 2013 the business has been profitable. Their annual profit is $1.6 million, and they currently have 11 employees. They are enjoying their success and are having a great time.


Case Study#3: The Prospecting Expert: A Consultant

The Prospecting Expert is a consulting firm that provides services to salespeople for improving their prospects in the market. It helps them upskill and gain more success in the competitive landscape.

Started by Steve Kloyda, the brand today is well-known. It all became possible from powerful social media strategy, videos and podcasts. They used various content avenues to reach out to the right people with the right content and stayed regular in their podcasting and video sharing. Steve utilized the CTAs in their banners to increase social sharing, and one thing that Steve was highly sure of was to build himself as a brand. Through the creative use of photos and logos, he created a consistent look and felt all across his social channels.

Through social media and aggressive content creation, he soon started to get recognition. He utilized the social media account to generate awareness about his services. He drove sales by pitching content for social media. The most successful trick that he executed was to create an iPhone app that allowed easy accessibility to his quality content. It was a well-thought plan as the rising craze for podcasts and video content was apparent in the trends, with an app that was able to push content directly to the users on their mobile devices. Plus, it made communication engaging.

For The Prospecting Expert starting a podcast and keeping consistent in their branding worked well. In addition, the app allowed the brand to increase its reach and streamline its communication with the users.


Case Study#4: Coconut Bliss: An Ice Cream Company

The food industry is one of the most competitive markets, and to market a unique product that has never been seen and tested by the users is going to be difficult. It would require you to tell people about your unique dish and convince them to try it, recommend it and come for it always. So, how do you get there?

Well, Coconut Bliss certainly nailed it. It is an organic dessert company based in Eugene, Oregon. They are known for their products and their uniqueness. And the brand utilized the social media practices beautifully to bring more people to their store. According to a study by Technorati, in 2011, the bloggers used photos more than any other type of content. 80% of content that was shared online was images, and around 50% of the content was video. This was a good way to start your content creation practices. Knowing the best format of the content that worked well on the platform of choice. For example, Facebook largely engages people with videos, while Instagram with photos. This knowledge alone gives you a huge opportunity to churn the lead.

Coconut Bliss utilized social media to develop their fun and friendly brand. Everything on their social media account is all about relaying the same relaxed feeling to their customers. They posted pictures of people enjoying their desserts, and they effectively used the content to promote discounts and offers. They utilized online contests and partnerships to promote their products to people.

What worked best for them was, they strategically invested in captivating content development, such as in photos and videos.

Case Study#5: Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co. is a small travel bag manufacturing company. They specialize in backpacks and travel accessories. The company was founded in the year 2009 and soon became one of the most trusted brands in Vancouver, Canada. As the company expanded, they realized they needed more brand engagement and recognition. They wanted to improve the way people perceive their brand and that was a major marketing goal for them.

To reach their goal, they started by listing out all the things they can use to make communication effective with their users. They wanted to directly reach out to their customers, and thus they found social media most effective in allowing them to simply talk to everyone.

Herschel Supply Co. leveraged the opportunity to respond to people’s queries about their products and services. Even when the question was not specifically related to their business, they responded to every single question.

Allison Butula, Director, Brand Experience shares in an interview, “With the help of Hootsuite, social media allows us to serve our customers more effectively and on a personal level. Creating that bond while problem-solving results in happy customers who return in the future.”

Soon their efforts on social media started showing results. Hootsuite reported that Herschel Supply Co. had increased its customer service satisfaction by 20%. And this is great because all they did is answer people’s questions on social media about their products and services.


Case Study#6: Repair clinic

Repair Clinic is a small company that offers parts and accessories of over 175 well-known brands in different segments. It has over 4 million parts and accessories currently and you can virtually repair any home appliance from Kitchen, bathroom, garden, heating appliances, cooling appliances, etc. This unique brand has a local store for sales, but you can also order the accessories only.

One of the best things about the brand is it has live chat features. They are also very active on Facebook and Youtube and are known for fast query resolution. You will find in-depth repair videos that not only help in educating the audience but also provide a generous amount of content that is relevant to people for improving their understanding of the common appliances found at homes.

They have optimized their reach by garnering more traffic to their website through organic search listings.

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