9 SEO Techniques to Calm Your Frustration in 2021

Isn’t it frustrating when your website has the juiciest content, but it just doesn’t get enough traffic?

You’re sure there are plenty of users searching for content precisely like yours. Yet, somehow, they never click on your website.

Well, that’s no surprise. Because 75% of people don’t bother to go further than the first page on Google. This means if you want to get more clicks, then you must make your content rank higher.

And how do you do that?

Easy, you employ search engine optimization and use SEO best techniques. To stand out from the vast sea of search results, you need to use some killer techniques for SEO. That is why we’re showcasing this year’s finest SEO techniques and strategies right here for you.

Techniques for SEO

Did you know, most businesses today apportion almost 41% of their total marketing budget to strategizing techniques for SEO! Additionally, Google constantly keeps upping its SEO game.

So, don’t put yourself at risk of losing out to other content creators. Use the following latest SEO best techniques to set you on the right track to success.

1. Updating Old Content for Search Engine Optimization

By now, you must be tired of hearing people telling you how the best technique for SEO is publishing new content regularly. And they are absolutely right. However, it would be best if you were strategic about what you post.

Every day, 7 million blog posts are published online. So, instead of pumping out content blindly, why not revamp old content for search engine optimization?

Make older blog posts more valuable by updating with new information, including recent facts and figures, adding relevant videos or images, basically improving the quality in general.

For Google, these additions make your content a more valuable resource. Thus, increasing your chances of getting a higher ranking.

2. Mobile-Friendly SEO Best Techniques

It’s predicted that by 2025, almost 73% of online users will access the internet via their mobile phones. That is why Google has been quick in updating its algorithms to prefer mobile-friendly websites.

This new fact is your signal to create a dedicated mobile version of your website if you haven’t already. The easier it is to load your website on mobile phones, the more people will enjoy using it. And since user experience will matter more in the future than ever before, a mobile-friendly website will be the mainstay for search engine optimization.

3. Target The “People also ask” Section

Most marketers neglect this section of SERPs (search engine results pages), which gives you the perfect opportunity to gain an edge over them with this SEO best technique.

The People also ask (PAA) section primarily includes FAQs related to the search query. So, to target this area for search engine optimization, you can create content that answers specific questions related to the relevant keywords.

Focusing on the PAA section can help you appear in search results without obtaining a ranking. Also, thanks to this feature, your website may even show up twice on the same page! Now, that’s a golden opportunity you can’t miss.

4. Write Longer Blogs

Long-form content containing 2000 or more words performs much better than shorter content in search engine optimization. In fact, blogs longer than 3000 words have proven to get more backlinks and shares than those having 1000 or fewer words.

Following SEO best techniques, break your longer posts into subsections to make them easy to browse through. Ensure that your content is engaging because no one likes reading long boring articles.

Hence, aside from using techniques for SEO, you have to ensure quality remains your top priority.

5. Voice Search Engine Optimization

Techniques for SEO aren’t limited to text searches only. With the ever-increasing number of people investing in smart speakers like Alexa, your SEO techniques and strategies also need to focus more on voice searches.

These searches are usually based on question words like ‘Why’, ‘How’ or ‘What’, etc. Meaning if you are already writing for the PAA section, your voice search engine optimization is more than halfway done.

Furthermore, make sure to use long-tail keywords in your blog posts. And test your website for its response time. Because voice searches only favor fast-loading websites.

6. SEO Best Techniques for Getting Quality Backlinks

We all know that having other websites link back to yours increases clicks and helps you build domain authority. There are two things you can do to make this work for your website’s search engine optimization. The first is creating quality content; that’s a no-brainer. The second, however, requires you to use your contacts in the blogosphere.

Some tried and tested techniques for SEO link-building through contacts include the following:

  • Asking your blogger and industry contacts to link to your content.
  • Having your contacts share your blog posts.
  • Making guest posts on other blogs and websites.
  • Generating easily shareable material, e.g., helpful infographics.

7. SEO Best Techniques for Meta Description

Meta description might be one of the oldest techniques for SEO in the book. But it’s still just as powerful today as it was before. Google rewrites meta descriptions almost 70% of the time if it doesn’t use keywords properly. And when this happens, sadly, there’s nothing you can do about it.

But to avoid this problem, you can work harder on composing a better description. Because a well-written meta description will encourage users to click on your link, fetching more clicks than a generic one.

8. Image SEO Best Techniques

This might be news to some of you, but image search engine optimization can actually improve your website’s ranking.

Hence, it’s always advisable to use good quality and relevant images on your page. Don’t forget to properly label them to ensure their correspondence with the rest of your content.

Alongside, also scale all images to the optimum size and format. With all these SEO best techniques, you will have a higher chance of showing up in image results on search engines.

9. Make Use of Broken Links

Lastly, we finish off with a sneaky little technique for SEO. This one entails finding broken links on websites and then suggesting similar content from your blog to the website’s owner.

It may sound like you’re stealing your competitor’s spot. But to be honest, this move actually helps the affected blogger.

Broken links never give a good impression to the reader. That means reaching out and replacing broken links with your content helps both you and the website owner.

Ready to use these SEO best techniques on your website? Let us know your favorite techniques for SEO in the comments below.

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