Best ways to advertise your local business on Google

If you’re looking to market your business online and establish a brand presence, chances are that you’ve already heard of Google Ads. 

Millions of people use Google everyday to search for products and services. With a well planned PPC ad placed on top of the search results page, your business has a chance of generating an avalanche of qualified leads and skyrocketing your revenue. With a CPC of around $1 to $2, Google Ads can give incredible returns in the long term, even for businesses on a limited budget. 

Luckily, Google recognizes small businesses and their unique needs, providing the crucial wiggle room and flexibility you need to create result-oriented ads and launch tailored marketing initiatives for users in your geographical vicinity.

Here are some free means of advertising for your business on google that are sufficient to start your online journey followed by some paid advertising methods that have the potential to completely revolutionize your business. 

How to Create a ‘Google My Business’ account?

Registering your business on ‘Google My Business’ gives your business an edge over your local competitors. Google uses your business profile to index your product or service offerings. With this information, anyone who searches for relevant primary keywords can instantly connect with your business through Google Search or Google Maps. 

A ’Google My Business’ Account is especially valuable for small local businesses that want to attract a geographically targeted audience. Optimizing your ‘Google My Business’ listing can effectively result in guaranteed conversions. 

Google Posts

Google Posts are an extension of the ‘Google My Business’ account, providing potential customers with a brief summary of your business products or services, location, and website link, among other information. 

If you are a small business looking to generate brand awareness locally, Google Posts are your best bet as a Free tool. Keeping your Google Posts page up to date gives customers an updated account of your business services in the form of announcements, offers, discounts, sale, and any other recent developments that might add value to the target audience.

Google Reviews 

Google reviews, another Free tool to promote your business within your locality. Potential customers who search for the product or service you offer will be able to get an honest account of your business from other customer reviews.  Actively engaging with customers, answering their queries, and addressing their complaints can push your business up the SERPs ladder. 

Google ads with structured keyword campaigns 

When it comes to local businesses that can only cater to a small locality, targeting the right audience in terms of geography or other specific demographics is crucial for tangible revenue growth and enhanced brand awareness.

Google Ads is an excellent paid online advertising tool that allows for targeted marketing for your business. Choosing the right PPC channel for your business can prove to be vital for your business, as PPC ads on Google have some of the highest reported conversion rates at an average of 6.34%.

Some of the most useful forms of Google Ads for local businesses are:

Search ads

Google’s Search adverts appear solely on the Search Engine Results Page once you search for relevant keywords, supplementing other organic results. A Search ad comprises a headline and a description that briefly describes your business and services to users browsing the SERPs.

Search ads are useful when you aim to target a specific segment of the target audience based on the relevant keywords for your business. Search ads can be used by anyone on a budget, including and not limited to service-oriented businesses within a locality that provides brick and mortar services such as plumbing, cleaning, electricians or doctors’ clinics. 

Display ads

Google’s Display ads are a worthy option for businesses that need a visually appealing marketing advertisement to be prominently visible to potential customers. Unlike Search ads, Display ads include more attractive multimedia options such as images and videos. 


Remarketing is another specialty of Display ads as well as search ads, which allows you to re-target potential customers who have already searched for your product or service at any given point in time. These display banners appear only on pages visited by the customers who are specifically targeted in the Google Ad campaigns. 

Call-only ads

According to research, 70% of customers who find a business through call ads, contact their target business directly through Google Ads.  

With call ads, you can prompt the targeted audience to call your business without going to a landing page or a website. With concise, short titles and descriptions, these are designed to appear only on mobile devices. 

Call ads are crucial for local businesses that provide essential and emergency services like plumbing, medical consultations or beauty salons.

Optimize your business website for Local SEO 

If you have a website that details a complete, accurate and appealing picture of your business, it can be the key to driving traffic that leads to an increase in sales and growth for your company. Optimizing your website to appear in local searches can drive traffic to your website and lead to more conversion rates for your business.

To optimize your website for the local target audience, you need to ensure that:

  • Keywords are targeted to your desired locality and audience 
  • Specific long-tail keywords are used to aid in ranking your business on the SERPs
  • Title tags, meta tags are optimized with relevant keywords 
  • Website content is optimized with the right keywords and high-quality content 
  • Your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate 
  • Landing pages are in alignment with the buyer’s intent

In more than one way, advertising on Google with paid and organic advertising tactics can expand your business reach to the right audience, and result in a higher chance of conversion for your business. All you need to do is use the right combination of online advertising methods and follow a focused marketing strategy for guaranteed success!

If you are looking for professional services to help you with Google advertising, discuss with our digital marketing expert to know more!

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