Instagram Stories Feature and Hostel World

Instagram is a social media platform that never ceases to amaze.

It’s always coming up with new and exciting features that keep users on their toes. While Instagram has many users hooked for uploading photos and videos, it also has another handy feature in its arsenal.

We’re talking about Instagram Stories. The platform came out with this Snapchat inspired feature back in 2016, which proved to be a massive success for them.

Insta stories are fun, short, and sweet. But that’s not all. They are also a great marketing tool for businesses and influencers if you use them right.

Below we look at five new Instagram Story features that have helped business owners move to the top.

How Instagram Stories Work?

According to the social media app’s official website, Instagram Stories have a staggering 500 million daily users!

They allow users to put up photos and videos on display using their personal or business accounts. Instagram Stories are short in length, making them the right fit for today’s audience with short attention spans. After 24 hours, the Story disappears, and you can create a new one to post on your profile.

Stories appear separate from your regular posts that appear in tiles. You can view them highlighted as a colored circle on a user’s profile. Furthermore, Instagram also suggests Stories to users based on the brands and people they follow on their account.

New Instagram Stories Feature for Influencers and Brands

There are new Instagram Stories features coming out all the time. So, we have decided to take a closer look at the latest features that seem to be the most promising ones of the bunch.

1. Swipe Up Feature

This nifty new Instagram Stories feature lets you add links in your Stories to direct traffic from your account to your intended website. For a brand, they can link back to their own website. At the same time, influencers can include affiliate links to gain higher commissions.

However, to use the Swipe Up feature, you must have at least 10,000 followers on your profile. If that’s you, head to Instagram and make a new Story post. Then tap on the Link icon, and you can paste in any link of your choice. Now just hit Upload, and Instagram will start showing your Story with the link to your followers.


The Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky didn’t get as much fame on the show as she is getting these days. And it is all thanks to her Instagram. Ali is a fashion blogger and she uses this new Instagram Stories feature to make herself plenty of money.

You can often find her posting Instagram Stories with her latest outfit of the day. These always contain affiliate links to clothing stores where she got her clothing and apparel items.

2. Instagram Stories Mentions

The Instagram Stories mention feature is an excellent way of giving a shout-out to other brands, influencers, or even your followers. It’s particularly beneficial for highlighting collaborations and partnerships with other accounts on the platform.

To mention someone, use the text tool in your Story and tap the ‘@’ button, and follow it with the profile name of the account you wish to tag. When your followers click the mentioned name, it will lead them to the relevant account.


Hostel World is a great example of how you can create engagement using only Instagram mentions. The brand asked its followers to tag its name in their posts to get featured in the official account stories.

Following this, many fans responded to the brand’s post, posting fun photos and videos from all across the globe.

3. Polls

Getting the opinion of fans and followers is vital for any business. That is why polls are next on the list of our favorite Story features.

They are super helpful in gathering data directly from your followers. You can choose to use polls when you want your followers to pick one out of the two options you give them. Or you can use a Slider Poll that lets people answer you in terms of percentage.

Either way, polls create an insightful experience for the brand and an engaging one for the participants.


Buzzfeed is well-known for its fun-filled quizzes. So, instead of sticking to posting quizzes only on their website, the brand also posts them on their Instagram Stories. This way, their followers can answer questions without leaving Instagram and share them with their friends. That’s a win-win situation for Buzzfeed.

4. Instagram AR Feature

Not too long ago, Instagram introduced its new Instagram Stories feature; AR face filters developed with the help of Facebook’s Spark AR Studio. Using this technology, brands can now create custom augmented reality filters in their stories and share them with their followers.

If you’re wondering how face filters can be effective, you’ll be surprised to know their uses which include:

  • Filters for your unreleased products to create buzz among your followers.
  • Creating try-on filters that lets the users try on your products before they decide to purchase.
  • Custom filter to raise awareness for a cause or charity.


Kylie Cosmetics launched their unique lipstick filters using this new Instagram Stories feature. These allowed women to test the lip shades against their skin tone before buying. This strategy proved to be quite valuable as Kylie’s lip products sold out almost instantly after going on sale.

5. Instagram Stories Location Stickers

You must know about the location tags most people use on Instagram to highlight their location. Now you can use the same feature in your Stories as well.

Location Stickers enable your stories to appear in search results when people search for that specific location. This means you are going to get exposure to an audience other than your followers. Therefore, helping you extend your reach and increasing the possibility of gaining new followers on your account.


iamwellandgood is a wellness brand that regularly tags its location in Stories. Their use of this new Instagram Stories feature helps them create awareness among the local Instagram users about their brand and their campaigns in the area.

Final Words

To sum it all up, Instagram Stories are more than just a playful feature to post photos and videos. They are a powerful tool that can drive traffic to your business and help massively in lead generation.

As Instagram always keeps adding new Instagram Stories feature, it’s a good idea to keep a lookout for the latest updates, so you don’t miss out on any creative opportunities to market your business.

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