Ways to increase customer reviews for your new business

Testimonials and product reviews are one of the most engaging sections on your website. People make opinions about your services and products by reading what other people felt about it. Over 70% of customers voted that product reviews make the purchase easy for them. 63% of customers suggested they are more likely to purchase a product with positive reviews and higher product ratings. 

These small things make or break your business. So, if you want to instill trust in your brand, you must start by increasing customer reviews for your new business. In this blog, you will find proven ways to do it for increased sales and brand engagement. So, let’s begin. 

What are social proofs?

By definition, social proofs are a psychological and social phenomenon where people copy the actions of other people to undertake behavior in a given situation. In marketing, they can be testimonials, ratings, reviews, etc. These positive signs that help people to trust your brands and find them authentic allow you to evoke the action of engaging with your brand. They help give an assurance to the hesitant buyers. Consider placing some reviews on the website. Some companies even add an entire page to their website dedicated to testimonials, reviews, ratings, etc. But not always what works best for others would work out for you. So, here are eight ways to get people to write about your product and rate it. 


8 best ways to increase product reviews for your new business

1. Get reviews on the platform where you find your customers

Not always you would want people to come to your site to add a review about your services or products. Try out other available platforms like product listing sites, business listing sites, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These are the places where you find your leads. And having reviews on the site can help your customers make an informed decision about engaging with your brand. 

2. Send out follow up emails or notifications 

Once you have engaged a customer with your brand, take a follow-up with the buyer. You can use emails to ask them to review your products and services, along with sending them an email to improve their experience with your brand and product. 

Apart from it, there are tools available that automate the process. It becomes rather simple for you to manage your feedback process. The tools are efficient, and if you have a multi-product store, this would be a great way rather than communicating with them manually. 

3. Ask the right questions 

To do this, you would require your customers to fill out a simple form. Make sure you don’t keep long-type questions too much. Make sure to keep the questions simple and the mode of answering questions simpler. The more complicated it becomes, the more difficult it would be to get people to review. 

Ask questions such as what they liked about the product, what they disliked about it, if they are satisfied with the product, if your product/ service resolves their problems, etc. 

4. Contact the people that are leaving reviews 

Do not let the reviewers go alone. Responds to their positive and negative feedback. This would make them feel valued, and people that are reading these reviews would also be attracted to your brand. 

5. Run a contest 

Running a contest is one of the most effective ways to market your business. It takes very little effort to host a small contest, and if you plan for a big one, try using some marketing tools that would give you the needed reach. In this little way, you can get people to talk about your services and products and get a chance to win exciting offers and prizes. Ask customers to use a certain hashtag that would boost your reach, add a small note to your page and ask people to add videos and photographs to your Facebook page or send you them over email, etc. Use them on the page as a way to show off the positive factors of the brand. 

6. Reward your reviewers

If you provided every client who gives a review a small discount coupon, it would make people excited about leaving a comment or suggestion. You don’t need to always use this method, but whenever needed, improve the experience of your reviewers for increased engagement. 

7. Include Customer Information 

Include customer information such as images and names to authenticate your testimonials. A faceless person speaking good about your brand is not very helpful for your brand. It is not as credible as it should be. Consider adding the source of the review, like Facebook, Yelp, or the name of the business or product listing site. 

8. Inspire people to talk about your brand 

The last thing you need is people getting demotivated by your brand. Your brand must sell the experience that is carved by your users. It should be personalized, and you must attend every review. Replying to customer’s queries, resolving issues faster, and thanking them with a personalized note would mean a lot to your customers. In short, try to develop a connection with your customers. 

Wrapping Up 

What do you think about these tips? Hope you use these amazing suggestions to get more reviews for your new business. Let us know in the comment section below how it worked out for you and your brand. We would love to hear about it. 

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